Zombie Hand Studios - 50 x 5 Puck Perc w/ Kink

Zombie Hand Studios

Product Description:

  • Joint Size  :  14mm Female

  • Height  :  4.75"+/-

  • Widest Point : 3.25"+/- 

  • Thickness : 5mm

This 50 x 5 Shower with Kink is a great little flower tube.  Perfect Heft and Base size.  The gridded puck perc provides great diffusion.  Couple that with the Kink providing not only a great grip spot for your hands but also a nice little splash guard or even ice catch.  


Artist Info: 

Zombie Hand Studios (Josh Forche + Brett Hughes) are probably one of our favorite duo teams in the industry.  Both cats are probably some of the most humble and down to earth dudes you'll find.  Whether they're pushing boundaries and innovating or kicking it old school with their flower tubes.  They make everything with love and with an attention to detail that you deserve as a customer.  

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