Seed of Life Glassworks - Lace Sphere *14mm

Seed Of Life

Product Description:

  • Joint Size  :  14mm Female 

  • Height  :  13.5"

  • Widest Point: 4.5" +/- 

Artist Info: 

All Seed of Life Glassworks pieces are proudly made in Los Osos, California.  Each piece by Chris is made to perfection and feature various gems throughout his line.  

The Lace Sphere is a bubble stacker.  Its definitely a piece for your flowers. The Lace Sphere has some initial restriction as you go to hit it. However that restriction gradually subsides as the bubbles stack higher and higher.  

Category: 14mm, all, over-200, seed-of-life

Type: Waterpipes

Vendor: Seed Of Life

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