Karl Termini - Straight Tube *Gold and Silver Fumed

Karl Termini

Product Description:

  • Height  :  16" 

  • Widest Point  :  6" +/-

  • Length  :  4.5"

  • Joint Size  :  14mm Female


Artist Info:

Karl Termini is an artist from Ithaca, New York. Currently a member of Buttermilk Studios Specializing in some of the cleanest production work around.

This Gold and Silver Fumed Straight Tube is definitely a sight to behold.  Clocking in at 16inches tall they're sure to give you that smack on the ass that you are looking for.  Also sporting a couple nicely placed finger grip right near the base of the tube serving to give you that firm non slip grip.  Included in a matching silver fumed 14mm slide.  

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