Hoyes Quartz - 10mm Male - 16mm * 45° Flat Top

Hoyes Quartz

Product Description:

      • Joint Angle : 45 Degrees

      • Joint Size : 10mm male

      • Widest Point : 3.5" +/-

      • Bucket OD  :  16mm

      • Bucket ID  :  12mm

      • Bucket Thickness : 2mm

      • GE214 American Sourced quartz 

Artist Description:

Only recently did Hoyes make the transition from boro to quartz.  Their entire quartz line features high quality handmade nails, made from the best American Sourced quartz available. All Hoyes Quartz nails are proudly made in North Carolina and have great heat retention.  We absolutely can't say enough about the entire hoyes family.   It is truly our pleasure to support these guys.


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