Ghost Vape - MV1

Ghost Vapes

Product Description:

  • Oven Style : Convection 

  • Session Amount  :  .1g - .25g

  • Removable Battery

  • For Flowers & Concentrates

  • Available in 4 Colors

Artist Info: 

Finally the long awaited Ghost Vape MV1 is available for sale. The MV1 is a great top tier portable vaporizer that is perfect for on the go or around the house. The convection style oven heats in seconds and provides extremely smooth vapor due to the MV1's innovative heatsink and adjustable airflow via the glass mouthpiece. With an optional Bluetooth Control via Ghost Vapes IOS app, in addition to the available Rapid Charger the MV1 by Ghost Vapes is an exceptional choice for those vaping connoisseurs.

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