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American Helix - Stinger

Product Description:

  • Length  :  4.5" +/- 

  • Widest Point  :  1.1" +/-

  • Joint Size  :  10mm Short Female


Product Info: 

The Stinger is the perfect portable oil device.  With removable titanium tip and glass stem that features the same techniques used to create the helix effect helping to cool your hit.  The stinger can has a dual use as a dry chillum.  All you do is just pull out the tip and pack your flower down like a normal solo. 

Artist Info: 

American Helix is the brainchild of madman Boxfan.  Inventor of the Helix handpipe.  All American Helix pipes are proudly made in Austin Texas and feature their patented venturi chamber which produces a stunning tornado effect that helps to cool the smoke. 

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