Lacorte Lampworking + Superstar Orbitron - Bottle Monster/Space Jelly Collaboration *CFL

Lacorte Lampworking

Product Description:

  • Height  :  8.9" 

  • Widest Point  :  4.1"

  • Joint Size  :  14mm Female

  • Bubble Cap Widest Point : 30mm


 Product Description: 

This piece was a collaboration between Lacorte Lampworking (Tony Lacorte) and Superstar Orbitron (Chris Hornick). It features Lacorte's distinguishable bottle monster and tube shaping along with 3 Space Jellys by SS Orbitron that line the mouth tube. 

3 different CFL color shifting colors (Parallax, Seriously, Flip Frog.

*Also comes with Matching Monster/Jelly Bubble Cap

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