Termini Tubes - Incycler *10mm

Karl Termini

Product Description:

  • Height  :  7.25" 

  • Widest Point  :  4.25" +/-

  • Joint Size  :  10mm Handspun Female

  • Sandblasted Termini Logo 


Artist Info:

Karl Termini is an artist from Ithaca, New York. Currently a member of Buttermilk Studios Specializing in some of the cleanest production work around.

These incyclers showcase a lot of Karl's eye for detail.  With his Marias on downtake to help any splash from the 4 hole perc move outwards and towards the hole to the downtake. Or his handspun 10mm joint showcasing again those perfectly sized marias. You really have to love how clean his production work is and you'll love just how easy and tasty of a draw this pipe produces. .

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