Karl Termini - Incycler *14mm

Karl Termini

Product Description:

  • Height  :  7.25" 

  • Widest Point  :  4" +/-

  • Joint Size  :  14mm Female

  • Sandblasted Termini Logo


Artist Info:

Karl Termini is an artist from Ithaca, New York. Currently a member of Buttermilk Studios Specializing in some of the cleanest production work around.

These incyclers are part of Karl's new budget friendly line. Meant to help get his work out in the hands of those who wouldn't normally be able to afford his work. Coming in at about 60% of his normal incyclers, these Budget Friendly Incyclers feature a little less work than usual.  No marias that aide in helping to push the bubbles to the sides and into the downtake.  No handworked 10mm joint with his perfectly proportioned marias.  What you do get is his standard 4 hole perc to help with diffusion and a incycler that returns the water back to the bottom.   Creating one of the smoothest and easiest draws that help to maintain your hit for long periods of time.  If you were ever dreaming about getting some of Karl's work.  This is the best way to start your collection.

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Vendor: Karl Termini

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