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Don’t forget about our Black Friday sale going on on our website and in store. Check out our previous post for more details Pictures is the simple yet effective 50 x 5 Medium Beaker by Zombie Hand Studios. ⠀
One of my absolute favorite tubes ever is the Puck to Puck by Zombie Hand Studios. This bad boy sold last night. Make sure to check out our black Friday deals happening online and in-store.
The two of us here absolutely love working with both Brett and Josh at Zombie Hand Studios. Everything they have ever sent us has always been spot on. Pictured is one of their Stemline to Pucks. Cannot get enough of that Puck perc.
Huge shoutout to Zombie Hand Studios and Reverend Morse. This piece really showcases all three of their styles. Barely lasting on the shelves long enough to get a couple of photos shot. A truly stunning piece that we were so happy to help go to a perfect home. Thank you to everyone who continues to help us do what we do. We are unbelievably blessed to have all your support.
Nothing but the very best from both of our dudes over at Zombie Hand Studios. These 50 x 5 Puck Perc tubes have that substantial feel that you know and love due to that 5mm thickness tubing. And that kink not only provides a great little functional splash guard and killer aesthetic. But serves as a great little spot for your hands to grip. ⠀

Available on or in-store

Sorta sad to see this Deppes Darknes colored recycler by Zombie Hand Studios go. That inverted showerhead and awesome ground down mouthpiece really provided such a unique feel and function of the pipe. Really glad such a cool piece found such a good home. 

Check out the online shop at to see some of the other zombie hand studios work we have available.