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Due to the recent changes in Ohio Law taking into effect later in the month. We wanted to make sure that we got this out there to you all.

With Ohio’s new Tobacco Laws about to go into effect, it was really important for us to take some time to express just how much every single one of you rock. Especially, for those of you who won’t be able to come into the shop, due to the new age restrictions. We want you to know just how much your support has meant to us over the years.
To all our absolutely unspeakably amazing customers, Artists, and Fellow community members, that have supported us through every twist and turn. There is truly not a day that goes by, that we don’t vocally express how much you all do for us. From the bottom our hearts, and with as much sincerity as we can […]
Another shot of our new entranceway. New floor is looking pretty good. Really love the new trim. Milled out of old telephone poles. 330-879-8645 11am-11pm 1147 Pearl Road Brunswick, OH 44212 #nhalables #weshouldsmoke #glasslove #glassporn #glassblowing #glassart #glass #glasslife #headyglass #glassofig #glasslove #boro #boroforsale #topshelflife #americanart #americanglass #milliofig #topshelvelife #oprahsbookclub #brunswicksmokeshop #parmasmokeshop #strongsvilleohio #cleveland #clevelandsmokeshop
O Shit. What a crazy couple weeks its been. Started store remodel a few days before flying out to Vegas for AGE. Heres a couple quick snap shots of the progress so far. 330-879-8645 11am-11pm 1147 Pearl Road Brunswick, OH 44212 #nhalables #weshouldsmoke #glasslove #glassporn #glassblowing #glassart #glass #glasslife #headyglass #glassoffb #glasslove #boro #boroforsale #topshelflife […]
Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be closing early tonight to remodel the store. And also to thank you to all the incredible community members that have given us so much support throughout the years. You have helped us come closer and closer to the visual we had in our head we opened […]
We’re really sad we missed @themichiganglassproject Glass Project’s Festivus this year. I guess until next time, we’ll just keep filling this @Eross4point0 cup dreaming of times to come. To all the amazing artists and to the Michigan Glass Project themselves, thank you for all the good that you do for so many people. We Ship! […]
O you know. Just me taking pictures of Calvin taking pictures of some waterpipes. We Ship! 330-879-8645 11am-11pm 1147 Pearl Road Brunswick, OH 44212 #nhalables