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Beautiful Single Layer Parallax Mini Tube by Reverend Morse 


Colors : Parallax / Illuminati

Price : $999

Extras : 2 x Downstems Matching Bubble Cap Pelican 1150 Hard Case

We asked Reverend Morse to make us a little heat to go with the bubble caps we recently received. Super happy with the way everything came out. Pictured is one of his double-layered Pastel Potion and Illuminati tube.


We had the pleasure of seeing Reverend Morse out at Champs earlier in the year. We were really excited to have the ability to get a bunch of his bubble caps. There is just no denying the amount of work that went into each and every one of these. Available on the Website or instore

#nhalables #reverendmorse

Huge shoutout to Zombie Hand Studios and Reverend Morse. This piece really showcases all three of their styles. Barely lasting on the shelves long enough to get a couple of photos shot. A truly stunning piece that we were so happy to help go to a perfect home. Thank you to everyone who continues to help us do what we do. We are unbelievably blessed to have all your support.