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Something about this Abstract Spoon by JEM Glass is speaking to me this morning. Reminding me, how much beauty there is in the abstract.

With it's activated carbon lining Skunk Bags is your perfect smell proof pouch for those days when you absolutely have to leave the house.

Pictured: Color Stitched Pipe by Hoffman Glass

#nhalables #skunkbags #hoffmanglass #doobtubes

Cute Little Rainbow Capped Spoon by White Chocolate Glass. This and more of her amazing work available in-store and on our website.
The cuteness of this panda chillum by Jem Glass is almost too much to bear.
Totally digging this shot of this sweet little Izlow Glass hand pipe!
Last of our cute little animal capped spoons by JEM Glass
Pictured is the last of our special stamped logo spoons by #newyork based Hawk Glass. Really like the way these felt in the hand. Just a great spoon by a great dude.
This sweet little Chakra pipe by White Chocolate Glass served to remind me this beautiful morning, that even though the holidays always get me out of whack. Just how important it is to take a step back sometimes to maintain that balance.
Last of the Shamby Glass Shamboo Chillums available for sale. Stop by the shop to swoop yours. It won't be around very long.