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Mothers Day 2019

  • 1 min read

Mothers Day 2019

Shout out to all the moms out there. We were reflecting on what we wanted to say here and we thought back to a video we once watched of a job interview. It went something like the following.

Job Title - Director Of Operations

On call - 168 Hours a Week

No breaks,

Always on your feet,

Constantly exerting yourselves

Excellent skills in negotiation and preferably a Degree in Medicine/Culinary Arts.

You can eat, but only when your associate has been taken care of. And sleep is pretty much forbidden.

Salary - $0.0 / hr



The job of a parent is not an easy one and it certainly isn't one that is right for everyone. It's one that requires you to always be putting out fires. Requires you to have laser eye focus on your children's needs while at the same time have a massive umbrella view of the world and what their long terms needs are going to be in the future. Have faith in the decisions that you have made. Try not to look back and question your actions of the past. You are spectacular and are doing your very best and your children are incredible. You are so very loved and appreciated.


-Joe -Dustin