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Lollipop Bubbler by Scomo Moanet

  • 1 min read

Lollipop Bubbler by Scomo Moanet

Check out this amazing lollipop bubbubbler from Scomo Moanet. Sometimes you just have to stand back in awe when looking at some of his work. The attention to detail and the amount of work that goes into all of his pieces are inspirational. Just take the mouthpiece on this guy for example. Jetblack sleeved in Champagne Spark, sleeved in Grape, sleeved in Clear.

Product Description:

Height : 6.5"

Widest Point : 4.8" +/-

Length : 4.6" +/-

Joint Size : 10mm Female

Price : $999.99

Colors :

Rig (Lollipop over Whiteout)

Bubbles (Lollipop, Night Rain, Gold Amethyst)

Mouthpiece (Jetblack sleeved in Champagne sparky, Sleeved in Grape, Sleeved in Clear)