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Chopstick Set by Emily Marie Glass

  • 1 min read

Nhalables Social Post showing a Emily Marie Chopstick Set sitting on a rock in a river bed

There is something truly special about Emily Marie Glass. I remember the very first time I had the pleasure of finally meeting her. It was at @glassvegas. While quickly walking past her booth, heading out with other plans on my mind. There was something about her table that stopped me dead in my tracks. We have had a few pieces of hers in the shop before. But something with her table just resonated with so much love and gratitude. You could clearly see all the time and care she put in, there just was something so much more. Just being around it made me feel good. She wasn’t around at the time so I continued on.

The second time at her booth, it was her that stopped me dead in my tracks. I swear there is something about Emily’s energy that just draws you in. Within minutes of talking to her, something about her just had me in uncontrollable tears. It made complete sense to why everything she makes reverberates in the way that it does. Emily’s work draws you in just like her self. She inspires and innovates and yet at the same time makes you feel like family.

Wherever you are at today Emily. I just wanted to say thank you. You helped validate what I love most about the industry. The People. The sheer amount of people equally moving forward, innovating together with compassion and gratitude makes both of us at the shop be proud to be a part of it.