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Bleed Ketchup by Ryan Rosburg

  • 1 min read

Bleed Ketchup by Ryan Rosburg

Nhalables Social Image for Bleeding Ketchup by Ryan Rosburg (left)Nhalables Social image for Bleeding Ketchup by Ryan Rosburg


Hot off of the grill from Rosburg Glass is this savory fully loaded bleeding ketchup and mustard burger carb cap. Every morning when I walk in the shop the first thing I look for is Ryans work. It always put the biggest smile on my face, and sometimes even causes me to laugh out loud. He really has a way of capturing the very essence of what he's making. If you were digging on our last post of a Sweetshop Glass's ice cream cone. Then you really need to check out either @reneepatula or @rosburgglass pages to see their latest collabs together. They are sooo goood! I would definitely bid now while you still have a chance!

Width : 2"

Height : 2.1"

Length : 2.1"

Price : $249.99

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